Lady and the Tramp Regatta

Eating spaghetti? No, they're practicing line handling in preparation for the Lady and the Tramp Regatta on Sat., May 12.

This is a fun regatta in which couples race. However, in this regatta, the lady is skipper and the tramp crew. We define Lady as anyone who does not normally handle duties as skipper (usually the first mate). Yes, same-sex couples are welcome to compete.

Lady and the Tramp has adult and junior divisions with Disney Lady and the Tramp trophies for each. 

The race is followed by a post-race party... Hmmm, wonder if they'll be serving spaghetti?

Illustration (c) Disney

Click here for the Notice of Race, Sailing Instructions, and pictures of the trophies!

Tuesday, May 01, 2018 1:08:00 PM