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Welcome to the new FLYC.org! 

As you can see, things have changed just a little!

One of the big new features is the Discussion area and the Classified ads. Anyone can read these forums, but to post you will have to register for an account.

Another new feature (sort of) are the E-mail Subscription Lists. In the past, most of the mailing lists have been various lists of email addresses. This has worked OK for the most part, but there have been issues with people having different lists and others wanting off or on the list (if they knew about them). These email lists were also technically illegal (since there was no 'unsubscribe' link). Now, each person can add themselves to any or all of the lists. All messages will include an 'unsubscribe' link. Note that you do not have to register on the website to subscribe to any of the lists (though if you do, you will automatically be subscribed to the 'General FLYC Information' list).

The current FLYC mailing list (that was on the old website) will be going away and replaced by the 'General FLYC Information'. I'll be sending out a message on that list to encourage everyone to signup on the new list (I do not plan to automatically sign you up!).

A word about registering on the new site. Right now, I have it configured that I have to approve each person before they have access to the features which require registration. This is to keep spammers out. But because of this, there might be a delay before you actually get approved.

Finally, I've created a thread in the Discussions area called 'Website Issues and Suggestions'. If you run into a problem or have a suggestion, post it here. I'll fix the problems as fast as I can, and make a list of the suggestions to work on when I have time.

Enjoy the new site!


Friday, March 30, 2012 3:23:00 PM
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E-mail Subscription Lists

  • General information about the Folsom Lake Yacht Club.  Messages sent to this list will include meeting and event reminders and other information about the club.

  • This mailing list is used to notify members when new issues of the Telltale newsletter has been posted.

  • Information specific to the Centerboard and Banshee Fleet members.

  • Information specific to Keelboat fleet members.

  • Information specific to Santana 20 Fleet 12 members.

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